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Mortgage expertise you can bank on

You could get a mortgage from any number of financial institutions, so why choose HomeStreet Bank to finance your home? We have held firmly to one principle for nearly a century—provide excellent customer service. Our primary goal is to do right by our customers. You can witness that commitment in everything we do. Here are a few ways we put the HomeStreet difference into action:

Buyer Assistance Programs

We take extra measures to certify with local homebuyer assistance programs, allowing our clients to take advantage of program benefits that may help them buy a home more affordably.

Streamlined Underwriting

Thanks to a strong relationship with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, we are able to approve many types of loans more quickly than some lenders.

Small Bank Accessibility

Once your loan application is submitted, many large lenders take the process completely out of the Loan Officer’s hands. At HomeStreet, our Loan Officers can work with our in-house loan processors along the way to provide answers and information, helping to get your loan finalized more easily.

Large Bank Options

HomeStreet can offer the same kinds of loans as larger lenders, yet our Loan Officers take the time to get to know you, presenting options and explaining their benefits and differences, allowing you to make an informed choice that fits your unique situation. 

Your entire lending experience should be a positive one. You can count on a HomeStreet Loan Officer to guide you through the entire process, help you find the right financing options, and provide you access to affordable home loans. Contact one of our experienced professionals today to learn more!

All loans subject to approval.

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